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About Tildenet

Component PartsTildenet, based in Bristol, is the home of Rootrainers™. We produce hundreds of thousands of Rootrainers™ annually and supply growers and horticulturists around the world.

We supply Rootrainers™ to 4 main sectors:

  1. Commercial growers
    From broad-leaved trees to palms and conifers, shrubs and vegetables, there is a Rootrainer that suits every project, and we have a vast array of commercial growers across the world using our system. Please get in touch to find out how Rootrainers™ can improve your business.
  2. Research institutes
    The superb advantages of Rootrainers™ make them ideal for research purposes. In particular they allow the roots of growing plants to be inspected regularly without damage. We supply various institutions including universities, colleges, international aid agencies and Scientific research companies.
  3. Small growers/associations
    With very reasonable minimum order quantities, we can supply the smallest of enterprises, and every contract is of importance to us. We supply many grower associations and small commercial operations, so please get in touch to find out more. And
  4. Gardeners
    Rootrainers™ have long been popular in the home garden – If you would like to buy Rootrainers™ to use in your own garden you can find them at most garden centres or form various retailers on-line.

For further information on how Tildenet can help you, please get in touch today!

Sweet Peas in Rootrainers

Alba Trees

Alba TreesAlba Trees, who use Rootrainers™, have been awarded the Royal Warrant for supplying trees and shrubs to Her Majesty The Queen. Alba Trees states "This is a very prestigious award, only rarely given and jealously guarded."

Rootrainers™ for Gardeners

Haxnicks RootrainersRootrainers™ are used by hundreds of thousands of gardeners. They are sold under the Haxnicks brand and available in most garden centres and from various retailers including Haxnicks and Sutton Seeds.

Where can you buy Rootrainers?

Rootrainers are available to trade customers by contacting Tildenet Ltd. Consumers are able to purchase Rootrainers directly from a number of garden centres nation-wide as well as a selection of online retailers including www.haxnicks.co.uk.


"Rootrainers-grown trees are the only trees that successfully grow in our region." Forester Dave Larson, Mescalero ,New Mexico

"Tropical tree species typically grow to maturity in 10 years, but by incorporating Rootrainers™ into our production we anticipate shortening our tree harvesting cycle by 2 years over bareroot seedlings or those raised in plastic bags." Agrosistemas de Liberia, Costa Rica


We have an established history of working with many of the leading distributors & institutions the world over.

Our dedicated research & development department continue to develop our product range and their applications in order to meet the growing market demands. This growth has led us to split into key divisions, providing our customers with an extensive product selection to meet their needs.

Rootrainers™ for Retailers

Haxnicks and Smart SolarRootrainers™ are an essential product for gardening retailers sold under the Haxnicks brand. Rootrainers™ are supplied to retailers through Tildenet

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Tel: + 44 (0) 117 966 96 84